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Joanna Norton stared at the scrap of paper sticking out from between her fingers  After a long moment of contemplation she picked up the receiver to her phone and with a shaky hand dialed 1-800-BLK-COCK.   “I must be out of my mind! but I need to experince ebony sex!”  she muttered to herself while she nervously tapped her foot on the carpeted floor.   After ten rings she was just about to hang up when all at once a lugubrious voice on the other end of the line said smoothly,  “This is Walker Post,  how may I help you?”  Momentarily frozen with fear Joanna stood there mutely while wondering if she should just hang up and forget the whole thing.   She had just made up her mind to forget about it when the voice suddenly uttered forcefully,  “I can hear you breathing,  now answer me!”   Taken aback by this turn of events Joanne took a deep breath and stammered,  “A-are you the man with the ad in the paper?”   “And which ad would that be?”  the deep resonate voice replied softly.   “You know,”  Joanne said,  “the one in the Underground.”  “There must be a thousand ads in the Underground,”  he answered gently,  “you’ll have to be more specific.”  She was growing increasingly uncomfortable at the direction the conversation was headed, but instead of hanging up she mumbled,   “I-it’s the one about the black man.”   “What about a black man?”  he asked.   “I’m so embarrassed,”  Joanne replied softly,  “maybe I should just forget about it and hang up.”   Hmmmmm,”  he hummed,  “maybe you should.”   “But then you wouldn’t get to fuck my ten inches of ebony meat would you?!?”

So it was him!!!   Involuntarily Joanne’s vagina drenched her white cotton panties as she pictured in her mind’s eye the voice’s hard black penis.   “Since you’re still on the line I can assume that’s why you’ve called,”  he said in a slightly harsher voice.  “So tell me,  what’s your name and how old are you!?!”   Again stunned by his forwardness she struggled to reply,  “My name’s Joanne and I’m forty six years old.”   “Married?”  he asked.   “Yes,”  she replied,  “for twenty two years.”   “Have you ever fucked a black man?”  he questioned.   “No,” she quickly replied,  “I’ve never been with anyone other than my husband.”   “Doesn’t he satisfy you?”  the voice asked.   “Well,  er,  yes,  I guess so, but I just wanted to find out,  you know………”  she stammered.   “Wanted to find out what if feels like to get fucked by a cock that would choke a horse,”  he answered.  “Is that right!?!”    With all of her defenses down and her vagina in desperate need of some attention she replied with a moan,  “Ohhhhhh yes,  I want to try a huge ebony dick!!!”

“You’re just like every other white bitch,”  he replied a little caustically,  “you come to Walker for the big black bamboo!!!”   After several more minutes of intimate conversation Walker Post gave Joanne his address and directions on how to get there.  When she finally replaced the receiver back in the cradle she put her hand up and under her dress where she fingered herself to a stunning orgasm!!!    After slumping to the floor in a heap she mumbled out loud,   “Tomorrow at two thirty!”

She drove past the Grove street address three or four times before summoning up enough courage to stop and park her car.  It was now or never!  If she didn’t do it now she probably never would!   After checking her makeup one last time in the rear view mirror

she took a deep breath and headed inside.   Her mind was racing as the elevator zoomed to the twenty first floor and she wondered again if she was making the mistake of a lifetime!   After all she’d been a good and faithful wife for all these years,  but the lure of forbidden fruit was so great she couldn’t seem to help herself!   She was literally shaking like a leaf as she stood frozen in front of the apartment door,  but after screwing up her resolve she reached out and poked the door bell and waited with baited breath for it to open!   “Come on in,”  a muffled voice called from inside the apartment,  “it’s unlocked.”


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