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“Ready for your bath,  dear?”   Anne Pilson asked.   “Yeah,  I guess so,”  Lindy replied while still doing her homework.   “Just give me another minute,  okay?”   “I’ll go run the water,”  Anne replied,  “take your time.”   Five minutes later Anne could hear her eighteen year old daughter climbing the steps to the second floor bathroom.  She smiled to herself,  still glad that Lindy still enjoyed the Thursday evening baths that had started when she was just a baby.   “It’s not to hot is it?”  Lindy asked while shedding her clothes.   “Test it first,”  her mother replied,  “I think it’s all right though.”   Lindy dipped her toes in and nodded her approval before slipping in now bubbling water.   “Oh man does that free black pussy feel nice,”  the teenager sighed.   “Just lie back and let me take care of the rest,”  Anne said softly while lathering up a wash cloth.   Lindy closed her eyes and sighed as her mother began expertly doing her entire body.   When she worked her way down to Lindy’s vagina Anne asked softly,  “I think it’s time for a free black pussy?”   “Mmmmm, yes,”  the young woman replied,   “be my guest.”

Anne shot a generous ball of shaving cream into her hand before gently massaging it into her daughter’s plump vagina.   Almost immediately her labia and clitoris began bulging obscenely in anticipation of a hoped for orgasm.   “My my,”  Anne said in low voice,   “I just can’t get over how responsive you are.”   Lindy casually began caressing her breasts,  and then after a moment of contemplation,  cleared her throat and asked,  “Mom,  do you still love daddy?”   “My goodness,  child!”  Anne replied in a surprised voice.  “What ever made you ask something like that?”   “And the answer is,  of course I love your father!”

“I was just wondering,  that’s all,”  came her daughter’s reply.   Anne continued to lather up Lindy’s vagina while asking,  “Come on,  dear,  that didn’t just come out of left field,  please tell me what’s on your mind.”   A slight shiver ran through the teenager’s body as her mother’s fingers brushed over the head of her hard little clit.   After regaining her composure she replied,  “I-I know about you and that black man!”   Anne froze in place,  almost like she had been struck by lightning!   “What do you know?”  she finally asked.

“I know that you’ve been having sex with him,”  Lindy answered quickly.   Anne thought about it for a few moments before replying,   “Okay, honey,  I guess  you’re old enough, let me tell you all about free black pussy!”

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“Believe me when I tell you that I do indeed love your father,”  Anne said reassuringly.  “I-it’s just that I have certain,  uh,  needs that only a black man can fulfill.”   “Like what?”  her daughter asked quizzically.   “You’re having sex with Paul,  right?”  she asked.   A red faced Lindy replied softly,  “Yes,  I guess I am.”   “Does he have a large penis?”  Anne asked.   “I think so,”  Lindy replied.   “How long is it?”  she pressed on.   “Well,  uh,  about seven inches,”  the young girl answered shyly.  “That’s not bad at all,”  Anne said smoothly,  “but it’s nowhere near large enough to satisfy a woman used to something larger.”   “Y-you mean your friend has a big penis?”  Lindy asked a little hoarsely.   “Oh my yes,”  Anne sighed,  “much bigger.”   “Now growing more interested the young woman asked softly,  “How big is it?”   “Nine inches long and as thick as your wrist,”  came her mother’s reply.   “Wow,  that’s really big!”  Lindy replied a little nervously.   “Doesn’t it hurt?”  “Oh no,  honey,”  she said with a smile

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