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Her whole body was now numb as he took her by the arms and pulled her roughly to her feet!   “I think I know exactly what you need!”  he said with and evil laugh.  Her legs buckled slightly while she gasped when he grabbed the front of her dress.   Then with a hard jerk he literally tore it from her trembling body.   “W-what are you going to do to me?”  the nasty interracial nymphos moaned.   “What do you want me to do?”  he retorted as his eyes bulged while drinking in her nearly naked beauty.  Standing there shaking in just her bra and panties she shivered while absentmindedly taking his pulsating manhood into her small hand.  “That’s what I hoped you’d say,”  he laughed while using his knife to deftly cut her undies from her cute girlish body.
Modestly Gloria tried to cover her small pink nippled breasts with her arms, but she was like a rag doll as Pete grabbed her under her arms and easily lifted her until her tiny boobs were directly in line with his eager mouth!   It had been years since he had tasted the breast of a woman,  so with a deep sigh he pulled her to his mouth where he gently sucked a warm nipple like a baby!    “Ohhhhhhh,” she mewled softly,  “so nice……..”    While his pecker grew hard as a rock as he feasted on her soft nipple,  Gloria’s pussy was quickly roiling into an unbelievable inferno that could only be quenched by a good hard fucking!   For another minute or so he licked and sucked her until without a word of warning he lowered her down and impaled her cunt on his massive erection!   She was literally hanging from pecker with her feet at least six inches off the floor!  The nasty interracial nymphos pussies convulsed wildly around the ten thick inches of incredible white cock flesh while an orgasm of gigantic proportions slammed into her brutalized pussy!    She grabbed him by his massive shoulders while at the same time wrapping her legs around his narrow powerful hips!

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 “G-god in heaven you’re fucking me to death!”  she groaned while riding the black stallion’s monster pecker.  “Come on, stud man,”  she gasped,  “do me,  do my hot fucking pussy!”
He walked over to the bed with her hanging on for dear life whereupon he flopped backwards onto the bed which immediately allowed her to sit up and begin riding his pecker for all she was worth!   The feeling of being filled beyond capacity was incredibly arousing,  and while her she bounced up and down on his murderous shaft,  orgasms of vicious intensity caromed through her pussy until she was literally a whipped dog!   She collapsed onto his chest with his pecker still buried deep inside,  and just when she didn’t think she could take anymore she suddenly rolled her over onto her back and began driving his erection in and out of her like a piston!   Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as he slammed his meat in and out with such ferocity that she thought for a moment she would actually pass out!   As one last climax overtook her,  Pete’s entire body stiffened as he filled her little cunt with another gallon of white hot dick juice!   This time it was his turn to collapse as every last bit of energy had been sucked from his now trembling bodyby the nasty interracial nymphos!
He actually did pass out,  in fact both of them did as they drifted off into a deep sleep with his now soft pecker still inside of her!   An hour or so later he was roused awake when the nasty interracial nymphos whispered into his ear,  “You better go,  our husbands will be home soon!”  Pete quickly got dressed while the cute little red head lay on the bed with tosselled hair and her legs still splayed obscenely apart.  He gave her quick nod before heading for the door, but was stopped in his tracks when she offered softly,  “Same time next week!?!”  He grinned back at her and replied,  “Sure, baby,  same time next week!!!”



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